Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fake MBA Student!

The IPL season 2 was a resounding success, at least as they say, and took cricket to hitherto unscaled heights, whatever that may mean. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this IPL was undoubtedly the 'Fake IPL Player'. In my opinion, this guy had the best IPL!

And, the two months of internship completely spoiled me. I am no mood to work now. I just want to enjoy my life. In order to achieve that objective, yet sustain minimum damage to my life, I created the character 'Fake MBA Student' in the emptiness of Gurgaon. FIP and FMS have a lot in common. In fact, FMS has been built completely on the lines of FIP.

Lets explore the persona of FIP first. This guy is a part of the team. He attends all practise sessions, team meetings, parties bla bla bla. He goes to every match but doesn't play any and later blogs about it. And the best part is 'he gets paid' for all this. :o Isn't it awesome? In my native language it is called 'karumbu thinna kooli', meaning getting paid for eating sweets! As I call myself a vesatilist, I thought why not adapt these characteristics into my walk of life to create FMS. FMS has been crafted keping in mind all the above mentioned details.

Our Fake MBA Student, will join the institute; attend regular classes; do all the assignments; promptly go to every exam hall but he just won't take the exam! And the best part is, just as FIP gets paid, our FMS will get his MBA! :) What say guys? The best part of this concept is I am already fully qualified to become FMS. I have a blog, an awesome one at that. ;) I am publishing most trade secrets(!) to you guys. I do all that mentioned above. I just have to stop taking exams to become FMS! :D But in this country that has been ruled by red tapism and bureaucracy, one person can't do anything. I need your support to realise this revolutionary concept. All my brethren, I ask you, for nothing more than your voice and support for an innovation that will no less than revolutionise management education around the world! If there is enough support, we can even ask AG to submit a proposal to the acad section. ;) On my 23rd birthday, I place this as my wish in front of God. Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for his approval.



Respected sir
Sub: Fake MBA Student
I request you to kindly go through my above mentioned proposal and magnanimously grant the same. I also want you to know that I am asking this for the greater good of all MBAs around the globe. There is no selfish motive in this.

Yours truly


P.S: IPL refers to Indian Premier League, FIP refers to Fake IPL Player and FMS refers to Fake MBA Student. I am not liable for any other association you make :)