Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My worst Bike ride :(

Where did it all begin? Right here at Infosys Multi Level Parking Lot. A chill breeze that blew when I started here told me something more was yet to come. Just a few kilometers onto the highway, the rain gods opened the sky. Aha, it started to rain, and I love rain (who does not?) But I wanted a place to hide from the rain. All I could find on the deserted Bangalore - Hosur highway was a railway brige....! :( I chose to stay under that bridge as it gave me a 50 - 50 option. Half rain, half shade. I thought of waiting till the rain subsided, but it never seemed it will. In fact the rain started turning into a deluge. Oh my god, my home was 20 kms away. I decided to put to test my riding skills, I valiantly started by bike in the rain and off I went. Only to find out how stupid my decision was. The rain jus got harder. It felt like some unknown person was pelting me. :( But as I am gifted with this never say die attitude, I continued with my ride. Only to find my decision was stupider this time. My inability to see properly (read spectacles) rendered my ride horrible. Though I had my helmet it was of little use. If I put on the visor, I could not see properly. If I remove the visor, I could not see at all..! Same case with my specs. I then decided to scrape my attitude when I was completely wet and was shivering (actually trembling). As I could not ride any further with my trembling hands, I stopped near a shop. You can imagine how wet I was when I say a small pool had formed at the place where I stood near the shop. Aha, there was a tea shop there :) Hot boiling tea in the rain should be sensational feeling. Wait a minute, my wallet was safely tucked inside my bike and I did not dare to venture into the rain again. Only then did I remember my mobile was also in the bike that was in the rain. Thankfully my mobile is safe now. Even after what seemed eternity, that I spent trembling, rain never seemed to cease. It was already getting dark and I had to reach home before it was too dark. You know how tough it is to ride with both rain drops and headlilghts cutting across your eyes. This time wind gods joined the fray. Already rain rendered my visibility to zero and now wind was literally toying around with my bike. I was not able to cruise at more than 30 kmph. Twice I was put at almost dead situations. Thankfully disk brakes were invented and that is why I am writing this blog now. Phew... After a long persistant battle, I reached home. Know what? Rain stopped just as I reached home. This was the worst ever bike ride I have been through. It felt like a battle. Every inch of my body is paining :( Hmmm, I have decided. No more biking to office till next summer. I cant and I wont survive this again.