Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The flip side of it...!

Hi folks!

Long time, no blog. Now, time for blog! It has been more than 2 months since I wrote a piece. Life is actually funny. Taking into account all the nothing I was doing over the last two months, how come I couldn't write a blog!!! In fact, all the nothingness I was going through was the sole inspiration for my previous post, I just couldn't follow it up. But I do have my reasons. Laziness, bad internet, no internet etc etc. Even now, just as I had finished typing the first few sentences in this para, somebody had a problem with where I was sitting. So I had to move to a new place with all of my laptop ensemble causing an interim delay of 20 minutes. Yes, the same kind of delay caused in the M.I Vs C.S.K match. The only difference being that I cannot call this senior manager a dog! ;)

The happy thing is most of my bloggie friends remembered me. Some asked me to write a blog, some enquired why I was away from blogsville and some were even happy thinking that I had quit blogging! Not so soon, darling:) As I was doing alomst nothing useful during the last few months, this time I am gonna write about the only time I was doing something, the third module exams.

Here is the background of the battle. This module had only 7 papers. But factoring into this the number of electives being offered ensured that there was a certain degree of mayhem in the timetable. This is where people we must realise the limitations of us being human beings and the profoundness of chaos theory. After all the fuss we created about the timetable, who had the final laugh? Neither of us! :P The insiders know what I am talking about!

Let us now forget the background and enter into the actual battle. Unfortunately this time I had to write 4 papers in the first 2 days. And that experience rendered me, well, almost dead! What else do you expect? Twelve hours of insane writing in two days! At this juncture I would like to confess that I had not even written 3 full pages over the previous 3 months! This was very similar to that Barney Stinson running NYC marathon and the result was also pretty much the same. I couldn't move my ring finer and my little finger was by itself not moving... :( Thanks to the amount of preparation I did, this task assumed himalayan proportions! I not only had to write insanely for 12 hours but also had to think on my feet (rather think on my seat). What to do, it is very tough to copy in our hall and so one is expected to come up with the answers on his own! One of my batchmates, G, solved this problem to some extent by an ingenious suggestion: 'when in doubt, write both the answers!!!' And G, I must say it did help us :) The remaining papers were not an issue as there was sufficient time available. But this time around I felt the exam week was a little bit less strenous than the last two. I don't know the reason, I just felt so.

How do you liven up boring times during the exams? Read along... I am notorious for playing crazy games in unaccomodating situations. And here is the game I play with Ashish during exam times, who will finish the exam first. The rules are simple, whoever finishes the most number of exams first wins. In this series I almost won by taking a 3-0 lead. But Ashish fought back well to level the series 3-3. Two of those three times, I crafted my own defeat. This is why they say, you must know a bare minumum before entering the exam hall. At least you will know when to stop answering a question and proceed to the next. I precisely didn't do that. Twice I wrote and wrote and wrote that I overshot the 3 hour limit! My first time in NITIE :O Well, it all came down to the wire in the decider. Fancy a guess as to who won? Yeah baby, thats right :) I survived the couple of hours thriller to a nail biting finish and a scintillating victory... My opponent put up a good fight though. Dude, there are two more series left and you definitely have the caliber to win. Seriously. Better luck next time.

Thats it for now folks. Finally I broke the jinx that had kept me unblogged all these days. Sorry for the really long post. Long time pent up energy started to flow once the valve was opened. And I now promise to be more regular in blogging. So keep tuning in...

Cheers :)