Friday, July 11, 2008

Midnight masala....

Let me start this blog with a question. What do you do at midnight? Tell me what all can you do in the middle of the night? I give you 10 lines to think.
10. Time up....
Know what I am doing at near midnight for the last week? I am attending interviews... :( Can you believe it? But yes, thats life in a B school. NITIE is the only b school that is mostly run by students (proud to be a NITIEian). This place has got committees and secretaries for literally everything, right from who decides which company I will get placed to who decides who will cut the grass in the football field....! Committees are the life line of NITIE. No commitee means no NITIE. Needless to say, you would have undestood by now that I have been attending interviews for these committees. Arey yaar, kya baat hai? Hamara colege mein bee commitees hotha hain. Usko bee selections hotha hain, hain na? Nahin. NITIE commitee selection process is on par with CAT selection process...! We submit our CVs to various commitees we wish to join. After that they conduct 2 rounds of interviews to select the best out of the best talent. The worst part is that they conduct interviews at off business hours.. Oops.. off college hours. :) The interviews start at around 7 in the evening and go on and on. Again comes the same old story. My name entitles me only few of the last slots in any lexicological queue. Dad and Mom, why did you name me Vasanth? Can I cut off that V? Asanth would seem wierd, but at least it will bring me on top of the attendance register. Hmmm thats my headache anyway, let me go on with my story. As I was saying, my name would always crop in the end. Some of the slots I recieved were 12.30 am, 2.20 am and the best one 3.15 am. In any event there are bound to be operational delays and that meant by slots would get pushed by at least another half an hour :( How do these people expect me to attend an interview at these unearthly hours? The time I spend yawning will be more than the time I spend speaking... Given the fact that I am a professional sleeper and I have seen sunrise only a handful of times in my 22 year life span, things become the most horrendous for me. Thank God, I had applied only for 3 committees. Can you imagine my plight if I had applied for all 9? What I wrote in my previous blog would have come true. I would have gone mad. But as the world knows, Vasu has been gifted with a never say die (oops i said die..!) attitude. I went to the battle field armed with full hand buttoned, tucked in shirt and formal leather shoes (at 3.15 am) and tasted victory in all the 3 battles. Now its time for the second round of interviews (oh god, not again) The same story repeats again - 12.30am, 1.30am and 2.00 am. The last 2 being on the same day, today....! As you know, I am gifted with the never say ___ (:P) attitude. So here I leave, to the battle field, to fight with valour, to defend the questions and to come back with victory....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sallam Bombay, Salaam Bombay.....

Ha ha ha... Mein bee ek B school student ban gaya... :)
Yes. Now I am sitting in a B school, NITIE to be more accurate. But then from where did I get enuf time to write this blog? That secret is published later in the blog :)

June 18 2008: 6 pm : Bombay Santa cruz airport
I landed with great enthu and glitter in my eyes. The Bombay traffic made it null and void. It took me 2.5 hours to get to NITIE :( I walked up the 94 steps on the first day with gr8 excitement. Just 1 hour later, they said my admission formalities were over and I could leave. Arey c'mon, it was Thursday 10 am and my classes were beginning on Monday morning. Wat was I suppossed to do till then? They could have asked me to come on Saturday right? Wrong. Those 3 days became the most eventfull days @ NITIE till date.

Our seniors wanted us to meet them at 6 pm at the Bady court. Dont imagine things linking bady and court. We mean badminton court. It was a fun filled evening when we introduced ourselves and everyone was pulling each other's leg. Midnight striked, so did terror in our hearts. Seniors gave us a case study to do and the deadline was jsut 12 hours away. Boy, that was terrific I should say. Sitting in a group untill 4 am with everyone struggling to keep awake :) Somehow we managed to submit it. And do I have to say that we did not get selected? hee hee.... :D

The next morning happened to be my biggest exploration trek in my life... We went on a NITIE campus tour :D I should say the view from the top of MDP hostel was breath taking....! I am so worked up here that I dont remember what happened after that. The only thing I remember is that we again slept very late.

I dont remember exactly when, but one day we played football. Floor against floor. Most of you guys would have seen our team photoshoot on my orkut. Anyways participation is more important than winning right? Now I leave it to you to guess result of that match. Hmmm slowly, very slowly time dragged on. Still 1 more day was left in the induction (heck...) The assignment senior's had for us that day was we were supposed to design a mutual fund. They were benevolent enough to say that we could make any assumptions we needed and did not lay any constraints. But it makes no difference to a guy who does not know the a,b,cs of finance. A large storm cloud loomed over my head. Oh God, a third consecutive night out. :( The only good I got out of that night out was that I learnt something abt mutual funds. I think the seniors have something against me. Yes, they did not select our mutual fund too :)

It all got so heavy that most of us bunked Sunday's treaure hunt and ended up paying a huge fine for that... Aha, see I completely forgot. There was a quiz too. Know what? Our team came up third in that. Hey god promise yaar. Believe that... :)

We have now reached the end of our induction program. After so much work for the last 4 days, all 4 being night outs, we finally got a chance to enjoy ourselves. There was a bon fire that evening... After a break of 1 year, Vasu came back to form. We danced, danced and kept on dancing. Pics already uploaded on orkut. Before we went to get some sleep before our classes began, we asked our seniors why did they have to make the induction this tough. Everyone had the same answer. "You have to expect the same for the next 2 years." Thats it. My heart shattered. My dear friends, if by any chance I go mad by the end of my MBA, you guys have to take care of me..... OK?


P.S: I wrote this blog at 2 am :(