Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ups and Downs of life...

The say life is full of ups and downs. Hmmm... for the last few couple of weeks it really was so. Stress - up, sleep - down. Tension - up, rest - down. Work - up, energy - down... and it all ended it Temperature - up, B.P - down  :(  yeah it was an experience to be cherished(!?!) for life time. Btw any takes as to what caused all this? No chocolates for guessing right... It is the EXAMS. But what is the probelm? Have I never heard of exams before or have I never taken exams before? Why did they cause so much trouble this time? I finally discovered I am now grown up. Hey world, I am 22 years old, how do you expect me to take exams at this matured age?

Discoveries aside, my purpose of writing this blog is different. I just want to know the person who invented the concept of 3 hour written exams.Newspaper ads and TV commercials are beond my affordability. So I decided to place a blog ad for this  ;)  Friends, I appeal to you, in case you find the person who invented the concept of 3 hour written exams, just pass on his details to me. I have some issues to set straight with him.  I have had enough from this guy's invention. Its a pain... really!! Till some time back, I had thought I cant get any worse. But actually, IT GOT MUCH WORSE. They keep saying you need to improve in life. But this is not the kind of improvement you would wish for even in the stupidest of your dreams. From an exam a day, we had improved to 8 exams in 5 days. The timetable read 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. At first thought I wanted to run away. But then as I have already written in m previous blog a few lines below, I am gifted with never say ___ attitude. So once again I fought with valour on and on and... (8 ons in all) and got low BP. But the worst part of exams is that you go through the pain once in the exam hall and you go through the pain once again when you get your marks. Do we care? Not at all...  :)